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New Economics Foundation

nef (the New Economics Foundation) is an independent ‘think-and-do tank’ that seeks to inspire and demonstrate real economic well-being.

Since 2009 the foundation has been running a campaign The Great Transition which aims to tackle climate change and avoid the mounting social problems associated with the rise of economic inequality.    Reforming the banking system forms part of this campaign.

Several of the foundation’s publications have covered the banking crisis, and its causes and consequences.

The nef publication Good Banking reports on a May 2011 seminar involving Will Hutton, Chuka Umunna MP, and other speakers.   The report urges came out after the Vickers Commission issues its interim report, and urges a much stringer line on the separation of retail and investment banking.  It also flags up the role played in the 2008 crisis by credit agencies and accountants.  The section on how modern banking works, in terms of the creation of money by institutions unaccountable and in private hands, is persuasive and is on this site here

Other useful nef publications are

Where did our money go?

Subverting Safer Finance

Response to ICB issues paper: call for evidence

38 degrees

38 Degrees is the angle at which an avalanche happens.   The campaigning organisation 38 degrees is an online body inspired by the impact of groups like in the United States, in Australia and around the world. These groups have used the same model, technologies and techniques to mobilize nearly 9 million people.

The organisation has been running a campaign in support of a Robin Hood or Tobin tax on the banks, and a Time to Tame the Banks campaign encouraging people to write to their MP.

See at

Robin Hood Tax campaign

The campaign for a tax on financial transactions (sometimes called a Tobin tax).  The UK campaign argues that this could raise £20bn a year and reduce the need for public expenditure cuts on the scale now being implemented.   The campaign includes YouTube videos involving Bill Nighy and Sir Ben Kingsley.  At

Positive Money

The Positive Money campaign on monetary reforms works with MPs, think tanks, charities, academics and unions, and seeks to promote a better understanding of the real issue with debt-based money and fractional reserve banking.   It is promoting a draft Banking Act that would prohibit banks from creating customer deposits.

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