Forming the Commissiom

The idea is that around a dozen individuals would be identified to sit on the commission (see choosing the commissioners).  They would be supported by an advisory panel with knowledge and expertise on the causes and history of the banking crisis.  This might include several of the financial journalists and authors who have researched and written on this subject.  A small secretariat would have the task of convening sessions of the commission and of drafting its reports and recommendations.

Ideally, a single organisation would be found to become the prime sponsor and supporter of the commission.  This might be a national newspaper or media organisation.  Other organisations involved in addressing the consequences of the banking crisis will also be invited to offer offer co-sponsorship, and financial or other support.

The next stages in forming the commission will be

  • to approach selected financial journalists who may be willing to give publicity to the idea of a commission, and to contribute to its advisory panel
  • to approach other potential sponsors (media organisations, charitable bodies, think tanks, trade unions)
  • to approach a number of key professional bodies and associations who might be interested in nominating commissioners

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