What questions would be asked?

Commissioners would come up with their own questions.  And the public attending the hearings would be invited to submit questions in advance of each hearing.

Examples might include:

  • Can you explain your job, in layman’s terms, and in what ways it is socially useful?
  • Do you feel accountable for your decisions?  If and when you or your colleagues fail, causing severe harm to others, what professional sanctions should apply?
  • Do you fully understand, at a detailed and technical level, the consequences of the actions and decisions that you take or oversee?
  • What is special about banking and financial services that warrants levels of personal reward very different from all other areas of professional expertise?
  • Do you see laws and regulation as measures to be observed, for the protection of the public, or as obstacles to be circumvented?
  • Do you operate according to any form of ethical code or discipline?  If so, can you articulate this?
  • Can you give some examples of what you would not do, as unethical?
  • When you are making a decision involving significant risk, what goes through your mind?
  • What is it at the end of each week that gives you personal satisfaction in your job?

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