St Pauls occupiers meet with Hector Sants

See this press release below from the St Pauls Institute.   One step closer to a longer term truth and reconciliation commission.

London Connection, the initiative announced by the Bishop of London with the mission of reconnecting finance and ethics in the wake of the St Paul’s protest, has begun a programme of dialogue and engagement. This is starting with a meeting between Hector Sants, Chief Executive of the Financial Services Authority and representatives from the Occupy London group.

London Connection is being led by Ken Costa, former Chair of UBS Europe and Chairman of Lazard International. He and the Bishop of London have convened the private meeting with Mr Sants, which will be held at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in Bishopsgate. The discussion will take place within a Bedouin tent in the garden of St Ethelburga’s, created in the wake of the IRA bomb which devastated the church in 1993, to provide a unique, private space in which people from different backgrounds can meet as equals.

The meeting will give the opportunity to discuss the banking system, as well as for Mr Sants to outline the FSA’s programme for regulatory reform and to examine the role that ethics have to play. It will in turn provide representatives from Occupy London with the chance to voice their own opinions about banking regulation.

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